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The number one way people find out about our business is through word of mouth.

Clients who have had the Onyx Experience define it as "elegant", "beautiful", "exciting" and "empowering."  When you hire a Professional Photographer, you should assume their technical expertise is a guarantee.  I wanted to take it one step further and give ladies more than great images. I wanted to give them the Experience of a lifetime.

"I was a little nervous when I booked my session with Onyx because it was my first time doing something like this.  I had heard Kelly was amazing and I wouldn't settle for anyone else.  The entire experience was so elegant and I felt like a celebrity from the minute I walked in the door. I never felt uncomfortable at all!  The studio was so pretty and clean.  I didn't want to leave!  The images were ready to view a week later and I started crying when I saw them. Just amazing! This will go down as one of the most memorable experiences in my lifetime.  I have a renewed confidence in myself and I love that new me. This was worth every penny.  Do this!  You will not be sorry!" 

Jennifer - Boston, MA

"I was probably the last person my friends would've ever have thought might consider boudoir photography.  I consider myself a little shy but this was so good for me.  I can't even put this into words.  It is so much more than I could've imagined.  I wish I had done this much earlier on in my life!  Do yourself a favor and give yourself this gift."

Rebecca - Winchester, MA

"When I first reached out to Kelly, I told her I wanted to wait until I lost about 10 lbs before booking my session.  She asked me why I thought the images would be better if I weighed less and we talked about my concerns.  I ended up booking with her on that call and I am so glad I didn't wait.  Kelly is so much more than a photographer.  She understood my concerns and we worked through those issues together. During the session, she was so good with me.  I wasn't self-conscious at all!  I just love her!  I will lose the weight and I will do this again!  Don't wait to experience this.  After working with Kelly, I BELIEVED I was beautiful and that confidence was worth the investment."

Samantha - Nashua, NH ​

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