"Beauty isn't about having a pretty face.

It's about having a pretty mind, a pretty

heart and a pretty soul."

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Welcome to our portrait studio!


Close your eyes and imagine this...You enter the studio and immediately notice the gentle smell of lavender and vanilla with a touch of sandalwood. You hear music playing softly in the background and you can't help but notice the tastefully decorated contemporary furniture and decorations.  In the charmingly decorated bathroom, you will find necessities you may have forgotten; mouthwash, hairspray, spray deodorant, feminine products and much more. Wow, this really feels like a dream babe-cave! 

Pinch me....this can't be real!

You are welcomed by our team upon your arrival.  From the minute you walk in, you know this day is ALL ABOUT YOU.  Before we begin your glamour preparation, we will toast your arrival with a carafe of mimosas. We will walk through the expectations of the day,

take your "before" photos, discuss your garment selections and review the clothing

and accessory options you can borrow from our Onyx Closet should you wish.  

This day is designed for YOU with no detail overlooked! You are worth it!

It's that time....ready to rock and roll!

You are probably excited and a little nervous but there's absolutely no need to worry. 

That feeling is completely normal, whether you've come for a boudoir session, branding, lifestyle portraits or a headshot. Most women have never done anything like this before so you are in good company.  I will show you everything you need to know; how to hold your hands, proper posing, how to move naturally and even how to smile.  We definitely have fun so you can expect a lot of laughter when we are working together.   

I bet you can't wait to see your images!


Most professional photographer's will make you wait several weeks to see your images. 

Not at Onyx.  The idea behind this Experience is to keep the flow of positivity going.  You should feel incredibly empowered after having gone through the Onyx Experience which is why you get to see your images THAT SAME DAY!  In just 30 minutes after your

session, we will review the images taken just minutes earlier.  You will get to select

your favorites and decide which Collection is best for you!

Wondering what comes next?

Complete the form below so we can schedule a time to chat!

Write your questions down. Ask away!  This is just girl-talk, not a hard-core sales pitch. This consultation is absolutely free.  Can't wait to connect!